In Memory of Philip Bosum

September 9, 1918 – May 6, 2008

On behalf of our dear mother Sarah and the rest of the Bosum family, I would like to thank everyone who prayed for our late father Philip, and who shared our grief.

Special thanks to Louise Neeposh and her mother Catherine Etapp who sat with Dad during our food breaks and to Edna Mattawashish for dropping in to see Dad during the night while she was hospitalized.

Thanks to all the people who took time off from their goose break, and to those who came to offer their love, prayers, and comfort at the church, feast, and the cemetery.

Thanks to Leslie Mianscum and Uriah Neeposh who dug Dad’s final resting place at the Mistissini cemetery.

Most gracious thanks to the doctors and nurses at the Chibougamau hospital who helped make Dad’s final days easier, especially Dr. Josee Brassard for her kindness and empathy.

Thank you so much!


Thank you for the early morning fires that kept us warm

Thank you for your gentle hands that held us when we were born

Thank you for your always so gentle and courteous heart

And the one-of-a kindness that you shared

With your family, all children, and to the Elders

Thank you for the tears you cried

Thank you for the tears you dried

Thanks, Dad.

John Bosum

May 20, 2008