This eulogy is dedicated “In loving memory of the late Allan Iserhoff,” who deceased on January 28th, 1998.

On behalf of our immediate family, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who sent their condolences, one way or another. Your love and prayers were comforting for each one of us. We wish to thank all the people who came and sat with us during the last days of our dear dad’s passing.

Special thanks to the elders who shared fond memories of our father. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Etapp, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Longchap, Mr. Jean Baptiste Petawabano, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brien, Mrs. Harriet Trapper, Mr. and Mrs. Bertie Longchap, Mr. Alfred Matoush and others who we may not have mentioned.

Our heartfelt thanks to the people who prepared the feast after the funeral, especially Anna Neeposh,Kathy Mianscum, Helen and Abel Rabbitskin.

We are very grateful to Johnny Abraham Shecapio who made the cross.

May the GREAT SPIRIT bless and be with you all.

Matthew and Annie N. Iserhoff and Juliette Iserhoff for Luce Gunner Iserhoff and family

A Gentleman

This man was a humbleman, He asked nothing from you, Except your love and loyalty.

I am not trying

To put him on a pedestal, For he was only human.

He had his own downfalls, Yet it seemed they were few.

He was a wiryman, full of life and vigor.

A loving husband, a generous father, A wonderful father-in-law, And most of all a marvellous grandfather. He’d do work many men would shy away from.He loved to hunt and fish.

There was always something to do, A favour for a family member, A friend, a neighbour, or a stranger.

He loved to travel and visit places To keep the ties of family and friends,Whether it be near or far.

There was always time

For the grandchildren/great-grandchildren

To show him the culture, To tell him stories, To spend time with, To have fun with, Or just to do or make things for, His way of saying, “I love you, My grandchildren/great-grandchildren You are special and unique. ”

He made everyone feel special, Without even knowing, His deeds and actions spoke Louder that words, For his love for each one of us.

Now some of us may feel A sense of remorse and guilt.

Thinking we didn ‘t find enough time To visit him, to show our love Our appreciation and ourloyalty, During the last few years, He was in the hospital.

I know he understands now, What it is each one wants to say, How it was for us, to see His pain, his misery, knowing, How re hardly ever wasted time.

He knows our shortcomings, But he’s not begrudging us.

He knows how dearly we love him, And he will continue to live in our hearts His wisdom will be passed on We are thankful to have shared his life.

A wonderful role model to follow, And we were lucky to have had Such a gentleman in our midst.