The federal government wants the general public to know that everyone, Aboriginal or not, is welcomed to give his/her input to Indian and Northern Affairs on how to set-up a new framework for Aboriginal economic development.

The public is being asked to submit suggestions directly to INAC via its website, telephone or traditional mail before September 30.

This process is part of the federal government’s commitment to deliver a new Aboriginal economic development framework by the end of 2008. The comments from the public are to serve as a dialogue guide for upcoming discussions between the government and Aboriginal groups and communities.

With INAC working under the ideology that increasing Aboriginal participation into the Canadian economy would be the most affective way to address the socio-economic gap between Aboriginals and the rest of Canadians, the decision is being welcomed by many.

According to the Regina Leader-Post, some Aboriginal leaders have already suggested that providing equal access to quality education on reserves and increasing post-secondary funding for First Nations students is a good place to start.

To help focus input, a discussion guide, titled “Toward a New Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development”, was released early August and is also available on INAC’s website.

Suggestions can be made by calling 1-800-567-9604, going to its website (, emailing (, or sending regular mail to:

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Ottawa, ON