Public hearings will be held in Waswanipi to examine the Mishtuk-Domtar sawmill project. All members of the public are invited to attend a hearing of the COMEX environmental committee on June 6 at a location to be disclosed.

COMEX holds hearings into development projects in Cree Territory under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. The committee, which has two Cree representatives and three from Quebec, can recommend that a project be turned down.

The hearing was requested by the Cree Trappers’ Association of Waswanipi.

Peter Gull, president of Waswanipi Mishtuk Corporation, said he doesn’t expect anything to be said at the hearings that he hasn’t hear before. “I couldn’t possibly think of anything new they’ll discuss. It has already been discussed for two years in council meetings, general assemblies, there were two impact assessments. The only thing we haven’t discussed is the colour of the structure.”

Gull hopes to receive a permit to begin construction on the sawmill a week after the hearing is held. Construction is expected to continue for five months. Local labour and equipment will be used as much as possible, Gull said.