Cree Grand Chief Matthew Mukash checked himself into the Montreal General Hospital May 24 to treat what doctors diagnosed as internal bleeding. The Grand Chief thought he was suffering from diarrhea and went to the hospital as a precaution.

“He’s recovering well,” said Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff. “From what his family told me it’s related to his pills. They caused internal bleeding. He’s in stable condition right now and is his regular self.”

The prognosis is good for a full recovery, but further tests will determine the exact cause of the bleeding.

“At this time there is nothing new I call say. He was in good spirits and he told us to continue what we’re doing.”

In the meantime, Iserhoff went on the radio to alleviate any fears people might have and is taking on most of Mukash’s meetings. “I suspect he’ll be out sometime this week, but for now it’s business as usual for us.”