The Chisasibi Shaolin Long Fist School sent some students to Quebec City on March 7 for a tournament called the 18th Eastern Canada Championship.

They went there by road and came back with four trophies and medals with only six participants.

The students who went there were David Sam, Leslie Herodier, Mario Desgagne, Chantale Senechal, Reggie Tomatuk and myself, the instructor (sifu) Jean Lauzier.

Chantale Senechal won second place in the green-belts category (forms), Jean Lauzier took a fourth in the black-belts category (forms), Chantale Senechal powered to second in combat for the green-belts category, and Reggie Tomatuk came in third in combat in white belts.

The other participants performed very well too. David Sam, Leslie Herodier and Mario Desgagne all won their first combat and David won a second one.

The competition was fierce with so many participants in their category. (I didn’t enter the sparring competition because I also had to work as a judge.)

We would have liked to have more people from the school participating, but it’s hard to organize the trip by road.

We wished to use the Cree Nation bus of Chisasibi, but we found the rate too expensive with the fundraising we are doing for our upcoming martial arts show in Chisasibi on May 30.

We are looking to go to another tournament in Quebec City on April 18. This one will be bigger and we wish to have 25 to 30 students from our group of 50 participating in it. This tournament is the 18th annual Quebec World Open Karate Championships.

We are asking different organizations to help us for the transportation. Call me at (819) 855-2318 or David Sam at (819) 855-3048.

Finally, we also want to go to the Toronto region at the end of June to a Wushu and Kung Fu tournament.This one would be really good for us since Kung Fu is the martial art we are doing.

Stay tuned for more information concerning our show on May 30!