Quiet and good-natured 13-year-old Amy, of Cree and Caucasian heritage, interacts well with the adults in her life, and is very nurturing towards younger children. She does not like school, however, and this is evident in her grades. Amy needs to be encouraged so as not to be late for school.

Caring for Amy can be demanding, as she can be easily influenced. However, she has been working on these issues with significant improvement. She will benefit from individual attention, structure and limit-setting in a firm but nurturing approach.

Amy’s family is not involved in her care; she needs a longterm foster family, who will support her in embracing her cultural heritage. The ideal family would be that of a Cree or mixed Cree/Caucasian family to meet her overall needs.

For more information, please call Batshaw Homes for Children at 514-932-7161, local 388.