One of the many talents I learnt from some very smart people is that time has values. Time for this and time for that both have different values, but in all cases, time has some sort of face value. Time is precious it turns out and it’s the way you manage your time that counts the most.

For example, if you had the time to do one thing or another and one favoured some quiet time with the family and the other had checkers or card playing or some sort of extracurricular activity that goes on these days, which would you choose. If you had to make a choice, then you have some value to that time for this or that. If you had to take time off to do the household chores before hanging out at the movie theatre or some hangout and then go hang out, is that good time management? When does homework fit in?

There’s a time for everything, but some people just can’t keep up with the times, literally. For example, good time managers can get their morning workout, cup of coffee, shower, and rush out the door with a toast hanging from the side of their mouth and slurping java at the same time and are never late for work. Then you get these slouches who show up late as usual, then have a coffee break, then take off on errands, which by the way, never seem to end. Where’s the chore-boy when you need him? Finally, on Friday afternoon, you get to talk about the job at hand and then it’s time for the long weekend.  What time is it?

Lately, I’ve been trying to keep up with the times by making use of every minute of my life so I can have more time for the things that I value the most, like hanging out with family or just living life without stress or phone calls ringing in the background all the time. This makes up for the times that these most valued times are set aside for making money, doing business and such.

Time is an important part of life, as it seems that humans don’t seem to care for it much, as it is too short for many and too long for others. For many people I knew who have passed on, some had not used their time well, but still, I value those times with them. So, it seems that the past times, the present times and even the future times have meaning and value, which paradoxically, have no price to pay for, just memories.

So for all those who can’t manage their time well to date, perhaps they might do better tomorrow and there is always the hope that they will spend their time well. I, for one, learnt this a long time ago, in a seminar worth a credit to my long list of credits, and from this session, I knew that my day had to change. So these days, I manage my day by turning this human into a management machine, then by turning off again at five o’clock, just in time to meet my family in human terms. Time is precious and you never know what could happen in the next 15 minutes.