The Cree School Board held its annual Regional Public Speaking Competition Final on April 13 in Oujé-Bougoumou. There were a total of 15 high-school students who participated in the event in three separate language categories: English, French and Cree.

According to Rachel Bush, the 2011 winners are:

English category: 1st place, Summer Twenish of Chisasibi; 2nd place, Desire Ottereyes of Wemindji; 3rd place, Dora Sheshamush of Whapmagoostui; and a consolation prize went to Carlton Bobbish of Nemaska.

Cree category: 1st place, Sarah Audlarock of Whapmagoostui; 2nd place, Amanda Katapatuk of Wemindji; and 3rd place Shaone Shecapio from Oujé-Bougoumou.

French category: 1st place, Melody Salt of Waswanipi; and 2nd place, Geraldine Trapper from Mistissini.

First place winners received $1000 prizes, 2nd place winners received an iPod Touch, and 3rd place winners received Digital Touch cameras as did the consolation prize winner.