Amnesty International says the police killing of Chippewa protester Dudley George may have been an “extrajudicial execution.”

Normally it’s countries like El Salvador, Mexico and Indonesia that are known for extrajudicial executions—illegal murders of political activists by the government.

Now, Canada has been singled out as well in the latest Amnesty report on the human-rights situation around the world.

The world’s best-known rights organization notes that an OPP officer was charged with criminal negligence causing death in connection with the shooting of Dudley George “in circumstances suggesting he may have been extrajudicially executed.”

The report continues, “Police opened fire on a bus that had been driven at police officers who were allegedly beating one of the protesters. The 15-year-old driver of the bus was wounded and Dudley George, who according to witnesses was standing some distance from the vehicle, was killed.

“Earlier in the day Dudley George, who had made statements critical of the police, had been threatened by police officers.”