Well, this will be my last editorial for a while. I am transferring over to the sales side of the business. It’s a natural progression in life to change, especially when change is required. I’ve enjoyed writing over the years but I’ve always felt that editorial copy and sales didn’t mix. There was too much potential for conflicts-of-interest when the two mixed. I’ll miss writing for you but I’ll still be here.

I’d like to share some final thoughts with you on some matters I’ve given some thought to. These thoughts concern spirituality and how people approach the Creator. Some years ago I wrote an epic poem of about four pages. The poem was for my mother. At the time she was and still is a Pentecostal. I was into Taoism and Native spirituality and my aunt was a Baptist. Now there was a mix of people and beliefs if I’ve ever saw one and, yes, there were the inevitable conflicts that come when you have people of different faiths interacting with each other.

The poem I wrote was about two friends searching for a legendary city. They started out together, helping each other over the rough roads they were traveling. But soon they fell to arguing over which paths they should be on to get to this city. Soon they parted ways unable to reconcile their differences.

After many years of traveling they made it to their goal and spotted each other across the marketplace. They came together with smiles, each surprised to see each other. They began telling each other stories of their journeys but their past caught up with them and they began arguing once again. This time the argument was over which one of them had the easiest and clearest path. They argued over the hardships they had gone through. So loudly did they argue that they awakened the king of the city who came down to see what the fuss was all about. Upon hearing the two stories he told them that in reality to find the city they had walked side by side but the walls they had created between them hid them from sight. “For all paths are one in me,” said the king.

I think religion is much like this. We are all trying to attain a goal but alienate those friends who are traveling the same path as we are. Over a small difference of opinion we part ways and build walls that we think we can never tear down when they are only of the mind.

Even the apparent gulf between Native spirituality and Christianity can be bridged. Look at the similarities. Where I look at animal helpers to guide and to protect me on my sacred path, Christians have angels to guide and protect them. There are parables and legends that teach one how to act toward each other. Lessons are gained from both. There are wise men and women, stories of good versus evil and there are many more examples. I’m sure all of you can think of or find more.

I guess my last message for a while is to build paths towards each other instead of building walls.

Until the next time I grace these pages, may the Creator watch over all of creation, which includes you.