or the upcoming Sisters in Spirit vigil to remember and create awareness for Canada’s 582 missing and/or murdered Aboriginal women, Sue Martin is preparing bags of homemade jerky for sale to raise money to bury her murdered daughter.

Martin’s daughter, Terrie Ann Martin-Dauphinais, a 24-year-old Cree woman, was found beaten to death in her Alberta home in 2002, leaving behind three small children.

Eight years later, Martin-Dauphinais’ murder remains unsolved and her killer is still at large.

Having hung on to her daughter’s cremated ashes for all these years, Martin is finally looking to put Terrie to rest.

“This is to pay for Terrie’s burial and her headstone. I have her cremated remains but my other daughter Sherry is buried out there too. What I have to do is take Sherry’s headstone off because it is a baby’s grave and I am going to put Terrie with her older sister. I have to replace the whole headstone,” said Martin.

And so, Martin decided to make bags of beef jerky to raise money to pay for the burial and new headstone as she does not have the means to pay for it otherwise. She will be attending the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s Sisters in Spirit vigils on October 4 to commemorate her daughter’s memory and sell jerky.

“I have four different kinds: a honey-garlic with a bit of pepper which is mild for those who have sensitive stomachs. The second one is mild with a few spices and then I have medium and suicide which is really spicy. I also do a honey spicy jerky,” said Martin.

She will be charging $20 for a snack pack and $60 for a sandwich-sized bag. Martin said she is willing to mail bags to those who want to order them. She can be reached at suemartin29@hotmail.com

For the fifth consecutive year, the Sisters in Spirit vigils will be happening in cities and reservations all across Canada to honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls as well as remind the Canadian government that many of these cases remain unsolved. The Parliament Hill vigil will take place at noon, in front of the parliamentary buildings. A second vigil and candlelight march will happen in Montreal at Cabot Square, located at the corner of Atwater and St. Catherine W., at 6 pm. Martin will be at both, armed with jerky and the dream of laying Terrie to rest.

To find a vigil in other communities, go to: www.nwac.ca