A big thank-you goes out to all the readers who responded to my questionnaire. I learned a lot from your answers, and will do my best to refer to them in future issues. This column was originally aimed at women, so I was surprised to hear from so many male readers – thanks, guys! Keep reading.

Below are descriptions of the average female and male reader of Between Friends. As you can see, the men seem to be more comfortable with their lives all around. This causes some concern, as we women seem to be searching for ways to improve ourselves, physically, socially and professionally.

Then again, maybe we just have higher expectations of ourselves, since we are, after all, the superior sex. (Just joking, you guys.) There will be more on how to improve your lifestyle, self-image, and ways to stay inspired in future issues.

Average female reader:

« ages 20-29

« from Cree communities in Quebec

« happily attached with children

« working outside the home

« somewhat happy with job

« financial situation is okay, but could be better

« social life is good but not the best

« not at all happy with hairstyle

« not at all happy with weight

« NOBODY’S exercising!

« see doctor only once a year or not at all

Average male reader:

« ages anywhere between 19 to over 40 «from Cree communities in Quebec or Manitoba« extremely happily attached with children «”working outside the home

« happy with job

« pretty happy with financial situation «”social life is good

« pretty happy with hairstyle

« feeling okay about weight, but could be better

« exercise every now and then

« don’t see the doctor more than once a year

Most of you would like to read more about: inspirational stories, nutrition and exercise, fashion and entertainment. A lot of you requested relationship advice. Here is a chance for you to send in questions, problems, fears, poems and stories (funny, sad or serious) on your relationships – I will try to use them and help out in any way.

Fax them to 514-278-9914 or mail them to The Nation’s address as found on page 4, care of Between Friends.

Look for the second half of the questionnaire results in next issue’s Between Friends.