You know it’s going to be a bad school year when…

-You wake up for your first day of school and realize that it’s the middle of November

-You get lost on your way to school

-You walk around all day with your fly open

-Your parents decide to become extremely involved in your school work

-Your parentis also decide to sign up as chaperons for all the school dances

-Your mother gives you a bowl haircut

-The principal has your own private chair sitting outside his office -When you walk in your teacher is writing his name on the board: Mr. Grim Reaper

And the most obvious sign that you are going to have a really bad year in school is…

-You can’t remember if you passed last year or not

12 career choices you might not have thought of…

1. Cree Translator (from or into English or French)

2. Computer Programmer

3. Game Warden

4. Graphic Designer

5. Engineer

6. Architect

7. Special Education Teacher

8. Pilot

9. Environmental Law

10. Sales & Marketing

11. Gourmet Chef

12. Journalist