Louise Etapp Neeposh and I participated in a very special event June 1-3 called “The Weekend to End Breast Cancer.” It involved a walk of 60 kilometres, and it took place over the course of one weekend with thousands of other women and men.

I was very motivated and determined to follow through with this important event. All the net proceeds will support the Breast Cancer Research and the Services in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. My goal was to raise $2,000 due to the short time frame and I succeeded in raising $2,571 in 10 days.

This journey was personally in memory of all women who have lost their lives because of breast cancer and to the children and families who have lost their loved ones. Another goal was to give support to women who have survived breast cancer.

A colleague from the Cree School Board survived breast cancer and it was a joy to see Emma Mianscum and her family at the ceremonies of this event. As a nation if we all come together we can make extraordinary things happen. Giving from the heart and putting a smile on someone’s face is a great joy in life.

A million thanks to all of my supporters. You made this walk a success with your generous donation. You were always in my heart during the walk as well as in my mind.

Thanks to my family for their love and support and to Reggie Neeposh for driving us back and forth to the site.


Donation Contributors:

Paul Chetty and Family – Ouje-Bougoumou

George Belis – Ouje-Bougoumou

Hugo Courtemanche- Mistissini

Carl Cyr – Mistissini

Deantha Edmunds – New Brunswick

Eric Goupil – Ouje-Bougoumou

Robert Imrie – Ouje-Bougoumou

Annie & Matthew Iserhoff – Mistissini

Mary Iserhoff & Family – Quebec City

Peter James – Kingston, Ontario

Mary Evelyn Bon Homme – Chapais Club Richelieu Boreal Association A Fleur de Sein jane and Gilles St.Gelais Mr. and Mrs. Desaigoudar Maria & Don Mianscum Charles & Sandra Morton Suzanne Albert Peter Haliday & Family Distribution Resto

Kenny Loon & Family – Ottawa, Ontario

Caroline Mark – Mistissini

Evie Mark – Chibougamau

John MacLeod – Toronto, Ontario

Bella Nancy & Kenny Mianscum, Ouje-Boug.

Stephanie Mianscum- Mistissini

Dawn Oliver – Wakefield, QuebecSuzanne Rabbitskin – Misitssini

Stephen Renaud – Thetford Mines, QuebecCentre 2MRC- Chibougamau Gerti Murdoch – Waskaganish, Quebec Lettrage Waldi – Chibougamau Jo-Ann Toulouse – Chibougamau Helene Robitaille – Chibougamau Albert Renaud- Black Creek, Quebec Sandra Oliver – Wendover, Ontario Marc Oliver – Montreal , Quebec Anyone else I may have forgotten

(photos courtesy of Bella N. Mianscuum)