WHAT IS IT? Basically IT’S FUN.

It’s three periods of 10 minutes. Nonstop. And the only rule is: Don’t get too rough. But other than that, it’s no holds barred. And it all happened on February 4-5 in Ouje-Bougoumou, Que. at the Shaptuan Arena.

Ice surface is smaller—80 feet long by 35 feet wide. On the ice are two players and one goalie (list of five players per team).

To start the game, the puck (rubber orange one) is placed at centre ice. The two players from each team place one hand on the boards at their respective ends at the blow of the whistle. The two teams then rush toward the centre to gain control of the puck. After that, it’s “NON-STOP ACTION” for 30 minutes. Once a goal is scored, the game keeps going, so there are no face-offs once a game is started.

A total of six men’s teams and two women’s teams participated in our first tournament. The men’s were divided into two divisions with the top two in each division moving on to the semi-finals, and for the women’s division, they played all their regular games and met in a very exciting final. But more later on.

Following are the results of the regular games:

1) Black Wolves 8, Vancouver 14
2) Casey’s 10, The Bears 7
3) Vancouver 10, Stallions 13
4) Casey’s 8, Habs 17
5) Olivia’s 8, Sonia’s 9
6) Stallions 18, Black Wolves 5
7) Habs 17, Bears 13
8) Sonia’s 4, Olivia’s 7

Habs 4, Vancouver 12 Casey’s 12, Stallions 18

And so the stage was set for the finals.

The women’s finals saw some great saves at both ends. Each goal scored was matched with a goal by the opposing team.

Olivia’s team took an early lead of 2-0 but by the end of the first period, it was all tied up at 2-2. When the action resumed for the second period, it was end-to-end action once again with the score 6-5 for Sonia’s team after two periods. But once the third period started, it was “give everything and give nothing in return,” CHECK FOR CHECK, holding up the player, SPONGE HOCKEY AT ITS BEST.

With 1:30 to go in the third, score 8-7 in favour of Sonia’s team, Louise Loon Bosum took matters into her hands and got the tying goal. As the seconds slowly ticked away, once again Louise got a breakaway. She had all the time in the world and did she waste her shot? She shoots and SCORES with 18 seconds left to give her team the victory and the “Bentley Cup.”

On the winning team: Captain Olivia Couchees, Mina Bosum, Louise Loon Bosum and Louise B. Capassisit. And on the other team: Captian Sonia Bosum, Vicky Bosum, Sherry Dixon, Amy Mianscum and Nellie Wapachee. I would like to thank and congratulate both women’s teams for their participation and all the excitement they gave the spectators.

As for the men’s finals, it saw the Stallions against Vancouver. A HARD-HITTING GAME for “Billy” but MAN OF STEEL like he is, he just kept going, completely ignoring the pain. Stallions scored just 14 seconds into the game, but Vancouver tied it up. At the end of the first, tied at 2-2. The second period saw the goalie of the Stallions get nailed in the corner, but somehow he got back in the nets to make a spectacular save (play of the game). His comments: I want the trophy, and yes, the Stallions finally pulled away in the third to win 13-9.

Stallions: Samuel Dixon, Simeon Dixon, Thomas Bosum, Patrick Mianscum, Robert “T-BO” Dixon.

Vancouver: Gordon Bosum, Anvil “Billy” Bosum, Carl Bosum, Tommy Shecapio, Antonio Bosum.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our local 1st 3-on-3 Sponge Hockey Tournament. You’ve made our first one a great success. And Réal Lacroix for the trophies (even if you got them free). I also want to thank Casey Mianscum, Joshua Bosum, Andrew Shecapio and Jossie Shecapio Blacksmith for shovelling the rink before the tournament.

I’m glad everyone enjoyed the tournament and believe me, we’ll have another one sooner than you think. THANK YOU.