Seventeen youths in Davis Inlet were arrested after a rampage through their school on New Year’s Day.

The Innu kids, aged 13 to 21, took an axe to the front door of the Nukum Maini-Shan School sometime in the night and left the building in ruins at 8 a.m., undetected, the next morning on Jan. 2.

They were apparently on gasoline and solvents.

The principal’s office and staff room were wrecked and splattered with paint. Gym equipment was thrown around and fire extinguishers were emptied. Ceilings were torn out so the kids could move from room to room. Walls and furniture were smashed and soaked with paint. Books littered the library floor.

The school was closed for two weeks. Police arrested two 13-year-olds, a woman, three men and 11 youths, five of them girls.

Most were charged with breaking into and damaging the school. One was also charged with stealing a stereo.