Sixteen individuals in Chibougamau and Roberval have been found guilty on various poaching charges and fined $62,429, according to Quebec’s Wildlife Conservation Service.

These are the highest fines ever imposed in Northern Quebec for wildlife offenses.

The 16 were found guilty of 63 charges in all. They are: Robert Martel (16 charges, fined $11,831), Nicole Otis (two charges, fined $4,106), Danielle Cantin (two charges, $4,106), Claude Chouinard (19 charges, $10,556), Germain Crousette (eight charges, $3,250), Gérard Martel (one charge, $600), Louise Trudeau-Champoux (two charges, $4,106), Colette Dorosz (one charge, $2,281), Ginette Brodeau (three charges, $335), Germain Gauvin (one charge, $2,281), Eloi Lecompte (one charge, $2,281), Jocelyne Tremblay (one charge, $2,281), Michel Tremblay (one charge, $2,281), Gilles Pépin (three charges, $6,843), Denis Tremblay (two charges, $4,562), Marlène Marcil (one charge, $900).